I started graphic designing when I was 13 years old. But it was only recently that I decided to use my love for typography and art to start creating unique digital prints as gifts for my loved ones.

The intention was simple – bring joy to others and put smiles on faces. It’s always the little things in our lives that resonate deeply within our hearts, and I wanted to be a part of the reason why there is a bit of khair in someone’s day.

What started off as a hobby, designing gifts for friends and family, evolved into a social enterprise.

That’s how Share the Khair came to life.

Our faith-based and quote prints are designed to bring a sense of calm and ease to the reader. While our fun humour prints aim to put a smile on someone’s face and brighten their day.

I also strongly believe that each and every single one of us has a responsibility to give back. There are many local charities that spread goodness in beautiful ways, so every month STK donates a portion of every item sold to a non-profit.

I invite you to share the khair with me.

Browse our shop, gift someone a print, follow us on social media, and help us spread the word!


Charity of Choice

Nisa Homes
 is the first and only transitional home and a safe haven for women experiencing domestic violence, poverty, homelessness or seeking asylum.

The organization strives to empower women to live independently and self-sufficiently, in a safe and healthy environment. Their aim is to build a society where every woman and child who has experienced trauma is safe, supported and empowered.


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